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Find and Fix Gutter Damage on Your Home

It’s that time of year when homeowners turn their attention to cleaning out their home’s gutters. Falling leaves, twigs and other debris quickly fill up gutters, clogging the downspouts and creating potential headaches down the road. However, it’s also a great time to examine them and check for gutter damage that should be repaired before winter.

Are the gutters firmly attached to the fascia?

Poorly secured gutters are at risk from detaching from the house, especially as they take on weight from water and snow. The spikes that were often used to hang gutters in years past have been known to come loose. An article in The Family Handyman recommends using fascia hanger brackets to replace loose spikes. The brackets are easy to install and provide stable support. Check to make sure a gutter bracket is installed every couple feet to prevent sagging.

Seal up holes and seams to prevent or stop leaks

Gutters are exposed to the elements and are susceptible to all kinds of damage. Falling debris can cause dents and holes, rust can deteriorate the metal and weathering can destroy gutter seams. Do-it-yourselfers can fill holes and patch leaky seams using a number of roof cement or gutter sealant products commonly found at most home improvement stores.

Check for improper gutter sloping

Your gutters are designed to collect rain water and quickly drain it down through the downspouts. If your gutters hold a lot of standing water, chances are the slope needs to be adjusted. A how-to guide at suggests that gutters should slope down about a quarter-inch for every ten feet, sending water toward the downspout drain.

Keep those gutters clean!

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